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Break Time

For the past four years I’ve been writing this weekly blog highlighting the diversity and oddities Detroit has to offer. While riding throughout the city on my bicycle, I’ve spotted and written about many of the unusual, interesting things that I’ve seen. To date I have posted 200 stories.

While exploring this large city on two wheels, I’ve watched street artists painting fantastic wall murals and graffiti. I have ridden down city blocks lined with acres and acres of vacant land that has reverted to prairies. I’ve seen humorous, unusual painted signs offering a variety of goods and services. I’ve visited many of the city’s best neighborhoods, as well as some of the worst. I have taken a closer look at the decorative work found on many the city’s smaller, unassuming manufacturing buildings, as well as historic buildings that were built in a range of time from the 1800’s through the 1950’s.  Those are just some of the things I’ve seen and written about.

 It is now time for a break.

My plan is to take time off from writing and posting blog entries on a weekly basis.  Rest assured, I’ll be back in a few weeks, but not as often as I’ve been over the past four years. From this point on, I’ll have no set schedule for posting stories and will be writing them based on what inspires me the most about this city. So please stay tuned and watch your inbox for the latest.

One of the many things that have kept me going over the years has been your support. I’m grateful for your readership and comments.  They have and will keep me motivated to continue this blog.  Thank you!

With that, it is now break time.

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It’s 2014

Is it Spring yet?

Bikes in Snow_8680

Have a Great New Year!

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