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As I pointed out in my previous blog entries, there are quite a few vintage advertising signs painted on the sides on some of Detroit’s oldest buildings. Many of the once colorful and interesting signs have faded into the brick walls they have been painted on, leaving nothing more than a ghostly image of their intriguing illustrations and lettering. Some featured pastel colors, and others seemed to have had bold, vivid colors incorporated into their graphics, lettering and logos.

This is probably at least 100 years old. A real work of art

Probably at least 100 years old. A real work of art

While out bicycling in Detroit, I see many of these old ads scattered throughout the city. I’ve seen them on old abandoned restaurants, small machine shops, and older storefronts along the city’s main streets. Many of the 100 year-old brick buildings along the riverfront have ruminants of them, usually near the building’s roof line. The sides of vacant buildings within residential neighborhoods that once housed small mom and pop general stores and other specialty shops also have them.

Former neighborhood stove dealer with ad type barely visible

Former neighborhood stove dealer with ad lettering that is barely visible

Nice variety of letter types

Nice variety of letter types

In earlier blog entries on the faded wall signs in Detroit, I noted that most of the vintage signs I’ve seen are slowly disappearing into the walls they are painted on. The sun has bleached them out, and the wicked weather of winter has stripped them of their once colorful highlights.

Here are a few more photos of the fading signs of Detroit that I’ve spotted on my recent bicycle rides throughout the city.


Calming pastel colors on this old wall ad

Light pastel colors on this old wall ad

Machine shop sigh is slowly fading away

Machine shop sign is slowly fading away

Vintage metal sign probably had neon lighting at one time

Vintage metal sign probably had neon lighting

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A Colorful Garden

The other day I was enjoying a leisurely bicycle ride along West Grand Boulevard in Detroit admiring the big old beautiful brick homes. Many were in immaculate shape, well maintained, and nicely landscaped.  Some of the old places have large, inviting porches on both the ground and second levels where people were out sitting, enjoying the warm sunny day. Other old homes along the Boulevard were a little battered, but their timeless, classic 1920’s architecture was still quite evident.

Pedaling south toward the Detroit River a colorful array of flowers caught my attention to the right. At the corner of Nall Street and the Boulevard was a gorgeously landscaped, colorful front yard garden.  In it were a large variety of flowers and plants in a rainbow of colors that included bright reds, glowing yellows, and deep greens.

The delightful, calm setting reminded me of a Monet painting.

W Grand & Nall_0782

W Grand & Nall_0784

W Grand & Nall_0785

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