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I like the sun’s lighting in the fall. It seems brighter, crisper, and the light it gives off doesn’t appear as harsh as the summer months. This time of year the sun also seems to rise and set much slower than in the warm months. The sun is also lower in the sky and its lower angle casts interesting shadows that crisscross the landscape, creating intriguing shapes and patterns.

Light Pole w:Hook_1674

Tree w:Sign Shadow_1765

Pole Shadow_1699

The early morning and late afternoon shadows appear highly symmetrical or linear. They can also be fuzzy and distorted casting a shadow that appears much like an expressionist or abstract expressionist painting.  Many of the shadows generated by the crisp fall sunshine often do not represent their origin. A steel fence could look like a simple grid pattern painted on cement. A street lamp could appear as an ancient battle-axe, or the ribbing of a park bench may take on the look similar to a chess board.

Shadow Stripes _1755

Light Pole Shadow_1770

Signs and Poles_1678

Like most urban bicycle riders, I’m tuned into vehicle traffic and the surrounding environment while riding. I also keep a sharp eye to the road, always looking out for pot holes, broken glass, or other debris. So I notice the shadows more and I like how they spread out in front of me or shoot off into the distance on either side of me. There are plenty of captivating shadows this time of year and many seem to stretch out forever. They can be quite a sight!

Long Shadow w:Bike _1693

Long Bike Shadow1738

Overpass Shadow_1771


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