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Over the past few years there has been a tremendous amount of bike lanes painted on the streets of Detroit. They can be found throughout Southwest Detroit, Midtown, the east side and other sections of the city. It wasn’t long ago that it was rare to see any at all. Now they seem to be everywhere, including some of the inner suburbs, as I noticed over the weekend when I rode out to Ferndale. As I rode along Livernois Avenue from Detroit and approached the intersection of 8-Mile Road, I could see green bike lanes up ahead, something I haven’t seen before.

Well market bike lane

Well marked bike lane

From what I understand, the painted sections of the bike lanes lining Livernois between 8 and 9 Mile roads indicate conflict points. The conflict points are sections of the street where cars and bike riders have a likely chance of meeting, such as a cross street. The bright green painted sections of the lengthy bike lanes are designed to alert and bring awareness to both vehicle drivers and bike riders.

Livernois and 8-mile green lane indicates caution for both cars and bicyclists

The Livernois and 8-Mile green lane indicates caution for both cars and bicyclists

The green sections are in addition to fresh looking buffered bike lanes along the avenue. The buffer lanes are  stripped lines that look to be at least 30” wide that are located between the car lanes (or curbs) and the actual bike lanes. They act as a buffer zone between the bike and traffic lanes adding safety to the riders.

Buffered lanes leading to a busy intersection

Buffered lane leads to a busy intersection

Green bike lane directs riders out of the turn lane at 9-Mile

This one directs riders out of the turn lane at 9-Mile

Another nice feature of the well-marked lanes along Livernois in Ferndale is the presence of bike racks. They are incorporated on the curb side of Livernois on both sides. That seems to encourage commuting to work, school, etc. via bicycle. It also implies a bike friendly environment. It was nice to see and ride along the well thought out bike route that incorporates signage, well-defined painted lanes and bicycle racks.  Overall, the lanes also create a strong sense of safety for bike riders like me. Good job, Ferndale.

Bike rack along Livernois

Bike rack along Livernois

9-Mile Road in Ferndale also has bike racks

9-Mile Road in Ferndale also has bike racks

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Slow Roll Mondays is a weekly bicycling event held in Detroit. The rides leave every Monday night from various Downtown or Mid-town clubs or restaurants at 7:00 p.m. Depending on the time of year and weather, there can be 2,000 or more riders. The weekly rides wind their way through various neighborhoods and outlying sections of the city.

It’s a well-organized ride, and the crew of Slow Roll volunteers does a great job of keeping the riders together; out of the oncoming traffic lanes and to the right of the street so cars can get where they need to go. That’s a huge undertaking, considering the sheer amount of bicyclists that attend the weekly event.

A line of bikes _0131

With that many bikes, you will always end up behind someone, no matter how good or fast a rider you are. And what do you see from behind? Backs of other riders, and plenty of them.  Generally, there is nothing remarkable about backs of other riders. They are mostly covered in plain tee shirts, small backpacks, tank tops and other nondescript clothing or cycling accessories. But, there is more if you look closely at the riders ahead of you.

Bug Back_9641

Monster Baby _0013

So what else is on the backs on bike riders? Well, plenty. I’ve seen logos for various cycling clubs and fully tattooed backs, arms and necks. I’ve spotted many tee shirts with various brands or logos. I’ve also come across tee shirts with specific political or other types of messages, not to mention some pretty interesting graphics.


Grace Riders_9626

Hood to Hood_9438

Tattoo Back_0278

If you ever do the Slow Roll rides (or others), check out what’s on the backs of those just ahead. There is some pretty cool stuff!

FU you FF_9440

Sumer is here_0029

Am Flag Bike_0200



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