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There are plenty of fish available in Detroit. On my bike rides along the Detroit River and the edges of the city’s island park, Belle Isle, I’ve seen and talked to quite a few fisherman that are reeling in bass, perch, walleye and many other types of fresh water fish. That makes sense because the fish-packed Detroit River flows freely past the city and its famous park.

In addition to those being caught along the river, there are plenty of other species that people in Detroit may not know about, but are easy to spot. The fish I’m referring to come in a variety of colors and sizes. In a few cases they are laid out on a platter, ready to be served.

Most look happy, as if they are jumping out of the water to enjoy the bright sunlight. Others are simply floating along, blowing bubbles between the reeds in the water, with eyes wide open. A few have huge lips and wide mouths, and look as if they are singing something from an Italian opera.

There are a few low-key, modest looking fish that appear to be just floating along, living the carefree life. No matter the species or type of fish I’ve seen beyond those being hooked by the fishermen, all are quite colorful. Their scales are bright green, deep blue, glowing red, or various other eye-catching, shimmering colors.

Amazingly, you don’t have to explore the riverfront to see the unique fish I’m referring to. The colorful, happy looking fish are painted on the sides of bait shops, fish markets and restaurants along most major commercial streets in Detroit. Yes, there are plenty of fish in Detroit, and not all come from the Detroit River.



"Let's party, I have my bottle!"

“Let’s party, I have my bottle!”

Looks to be signing away

Looks to be signing happily

Lost in the reeds

Lost in the reeds

From Detroit's Chinatown (if there was one)

From Detroit’s Chinatown (if there was one)

This guy has a casual look about him

This guy has a casual, bored look about him

Ready for the dinner table

Ready for the dinner table


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