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Purple magnolia

The spring season seems to be flying by this year. Detroit had record high temperatures in March, and flowering plants poked out of the ground early on and have been blooming ever since.  The craggy magnolia trees showed their brilliant purple and white colors a head of time, and many of the fruit trees have blossomed, their petals have fallen and their limbs are now covered with leaves. I’m sure we’ve all noticed the changes as we drove through our neighborhoods or to our place of work.

The colorful blooms of crocus, daffodils and other early flowering plants such as the forsythias have come and gone. Tulips, dogwoods and other flowers and ornamental trees, which normally bloom in mid-May, have taken their place and are now at their peak. Lilac bushes are not far behind and are beginning to show their purple hues, as are many other late-blooming bushes and plants.

Tulips showing off their vibrant colors

A colorful array of ornamental trees

While bike riding over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that many of the spring flowers seemed to have appeared overnight and have disappeared just as fast.  Green and red leaves have filled in where colorful blooms once were. Grass has become vibrant green and has been growing quickly, creating fields in some areas of the city. Many of the yellow dandelions that recently covered the city fields have now gone to seed, and the white seed pods are being wind-blown, filling the air with little puffs of cotton aimlessly floating by. Shapeless, leafless shrubs are now full of leaves, and the golden-yellow leaves of Weeping Willow trees are slowly changing to green. At this year’s pace, it won’t be long before the wild rose bushes I see on my summer bike rides are in full bloom.

White blooms of a crabapple tree

Red bud trees along the banks of the Detroit River

The leaves of the birch trees are slowly filling in

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