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I while ago I wrote an entry about an abandoned eastside gas station that has been painted in an unusual graphic pattern. The old building, pumps, and cinderblock privacy wall were all done in various bold colors that followed the outlines of the bricks. The outlines created an unusual sharp–edged geometric layout like something found on Native American artifacts. That story and accompanying photos can be viewed by clicking here: “Another Unusual Painted Building.”

In another entry I highlighted a couple of rail road underpasses in the city’s mid-town area that are also painted with similar geometric graphics.  However, those are a bit more sophisticated than what’s found on the gas station. On one underpass the vibrant colored, multi-pattern almost looks three-dimensional.  The other mid-town underpass, with its 45-degree angles, has the look of a pyramid that is anchored at road level and rises to the base of the overpass above. They can be seen here: “Wall Art Below the Railroad Tracks.”

A few weeks ago I spotted another of these unusual walls on the city’s northwest side. Like the others, it has a similar geometric pattern, but in this case, it looks more like a diamond that slowly fans out from its center.  This particular one is painted on a tall, cinderblock wall and incorporates a simple, yet eye-catching design. It reminds me of something one may find on an antique quilt.

Reminds me of a quilt or a kid's band-aid

Reminds me of a quilt or a kid’s band-aid

There is some similarity between all versions, and that makes me wonder if it’s the same artist doing them all. Regardless of who painted them, in all cases it must have taken a tremendous amount of time and effort to figure out the various angles and color schemes.

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